Central Valley Taxpayers

Fighting for Lower Taxes for Our Valley

Our Mission

The Central Valley Taxpayers Association supports ethical and accountable leadership for our communities, lower taxes, better water management and smarter regulations.

The Central Valley Taxpayers Association supports policies that empower people to innovate and take risks without excessive tax or regulatory burdens. 

We recognize that our region’s agricultural heritage was built on a spirit of hard work and individual initiative that forms the foundation of our past as well as our future.

Our Board

Steve Colangelo

Steve is a local community leader with an illustrious career serving at various times as a police officer, radio host, small business owner, Chamber of Commerce Financial VP and more

David Cushman

David is a leader in the CV Impact Republicans and has worked for Asm. Kevin Kiley and Manteca Mayor Ben Cantu.

Jesse Rojas

Jesse is based in Kern County and is a leading advocate for farmworkers.

Joe Ferrari

Joe is a farmer and a CPA based in San Joaquin County and is active in the local Farm Bureau.

John Osgood

John is a Stanislaus County taxpayer activist and former radio host. His hobbies include Constitutional education, research and motor sports

Daniel Martinez

Daniel is a Ceres City Councilman who is dedicated to creating positive change in the community.

Paul LaFollette

Paul is a small business owner and a farmer. He's active in leadership in his local Farm Bureau.


Gas Taxes

California gas prices are among the highest in the nation while our roads are among the worst. This state of affairs highlights Sacramento’s failure to properly prioritize its spending; its continual raids on funds intended for infrastructure; and its neglect of the condition our highways in favor of a high-speed train to nowhere, bike trails and electric car subsidies.

Business Climate

California has repeatedly been named the nation’s worst state to do business by CEO Magazine. High taxes and overly burdensome regulations have resulted in an exodus of businesses, entrepreneurs and jobs from the state. Sacramento’s failed political leadership has dramatically harmed real economy industries such as manufacturing, transportation, resource extraction, forestry, and agriculture.

Proposition 13

Without the passage of Prop. 13 in 1978, many Californians would have been taxed out of their homes. Prop. 13 protects taxpayers from unpredictable property tax increases that before Prop. 13 could skyrocket as a result of the whims of local politicians or market fluctuations. Now, some far-left tax proponents are trying to dismantle Prop. 13, especially for businesses.

Water Management

California needs to better manage its water reserves. There are not enough dams to store the water needed for California’s current population. Farmers are essential to American life because they grow the food that nourishes us. Sacramento has failed us by siding with environmentalists who would rather save some fish than millions of Californians.

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